5 advantages of MassFlow and MagFlow Technology in Filling

llenadora resistente a la corrosión

5 advantages of MassFlow and MagFlow Technology in Filling

1 month ago
Mengibar has developed and standardized in its filling machines the MassFlow and MagFlow technologies due to the advantages they present over other measurement and control methods found in the market. This is why these technologies are essential for companies seeking to improve the efficiency and quality of filling processes. The following article details the 5 […]
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circular economy

Circular Economy

6 months ago
Mother Nature is the main supplier of raw materials and we have used its resources for thousands of years to manufacture new products, maintaining a balance that in recent decades has been altered in an alarming and dramatic way. Nature cannot bear the continuous plundering of its resources, their transformation and distribution up to the […]
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Packaging Machinery moves unstoppably towards Sustainability

8 months ago
In the past, both Brand manufacturers and Consumers chose the material for the Packaging based on 4 well-defined factors: visual appearance protective qualities Manufacturing costs Ease of production However, in recent years, with consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact of packaging, and along with new regulations and legislation, a 5th factor has emerged: […]
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Monoblock: Filling and Capping machines

Trends in the Filling and Bottling Machinery Sector in Spain

10 months ago
In this article we are going to analyze the main trends in Filling Machinery and Bottling Machinery Sector in Spain. Efficiency, Digitalization and Sustainability In a context in which energy costs are on the rise and fluctuations in raw materials have an impact on production costs, putting pressure on operating margins, the efforts of the […]
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sustainability and packaging for homecare products

Homecare products more Sustainable thanks to Packaging

11 months ago
The 2021 report of United Nations found that plastic pollution in the world oceans is growing rapidly. And a major part of this plastics comes from Home Care products waste. Good news is that today we have access to more opportunities to use innovative materials and technologies to produce more environmentally friendly and sustainable Packaging […]
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