sharing in enterprise

21st Century, Innovation Century in many areas, and, of course, it can be found in our industrial and technological environment, where our passion has to be able to transmit the innovative spirit, technology, quality, reliability and solidity of any Company.

Furthermore, thanks to Industry 4.0, it is allowing us to promote our growth by optimising and automating processes in such a way that makes us much more efficient in our production system. At the same time, Industry 4.0 allows us to get much more from our business goals as a company through technological advances and allows us to improve any process that we carry out.

However, I would like to make a brief reflection on the subject. I know that you, readers, will agree with me on what I have said in the previous paragraphs, that, as a professional in the field of HR, I think it is necessary to remember something very important for the Organisations: The People.

I have always claimed, as many of you who know me, that Companies do not exist without The People who make it possible. Within these four “walls”, the Mission of an Organisation is left without content if we do not bear in mind each and every one of The People that exist in it. And, although We know it, At the end this premise is often not put into practice.

For me this is the main value that we must always bear in mind in an Organisation: PEOPLE. Why am I pointing this out? Because we know that day to day, in an industrial company, it is heavily marked by a clear objective: To be able to manufacture an exceptional product with the greatest efficiency in the shortest possible time. But who is responsible for this? It is not very difficult to find out that it is each and every one of us: The People in the Organisation.

However, in the maelstrom of our professional life, we lose the value that we should highlight all the people who make up our Organisation, that’s why we think of them only as professionals and not of what they are. And this has a direct impact on the way we are behaving towards them, often having a negative effect on the way they feel and experience their work, resulting in:

– Demotivation

– Loss of confidence

– Lack of initiative

– Low compliance

This shows that talent is not managed efficiently and positively, and without it, we will not be able to achieve productive success in our Companies.

For this reason, my starting point for any Organisation is to put People at the centre of its mission, in other words, it is useless to have technology and the capacity to produce an innovative, state-of-the-art, quality product as a business objective if we do not help the people who make it possible.

What are the issues that professionals responsible for talent should have?

Among other important issues, Professionals responsible for Talent in Organisations must:

– Take care of their People

– Provide them with the necessary training and development.

– Share and make them responsible for their function.

– Listen to their vision and accompany them in their development.

– Establish communication links between people using methodologies that bring us closer to “crowdsourcing” or Collective Intelligence.

Many Companies are already fully engaged in this paradigm shift, and you?

Are you going to join us?

We have a lot to talk about and share…. More coming soon!

Esther Las

Talent Manager at Antonio Mengibar SA