Puck Handling Systems

Complete Puck Handling Systems

When it comes to managing unstable bottles, reliable puck handling systems become essential. A Puck is a solid and stable device made in plastic used to transport bottles on a conveyor during the different operation on the packaging operation. Mengibar manufactures custom-moded puck handling system and equipments to secure fit for any bottle and standarsdize timing screws, syatwheels and guides to reduce the line downtime line and change over cost.

Mengibar Liquid Filling and Capping machines are ready work either with or without Pucks. Mengibar also manufactures solutions for Puck Handling Systems as the Puck Sorting, Bottle Orienting and Puck Inserting, Depucking and Bottle Inverting, Puck Management and Puck silos as well as local manufacturing of Injection-molded pucks.

Main Benefits


More Flexibility

Any Mengibar Filler, Capper and Monoblock can work either with or without pucks in the same line for different bottle formats.


Assured Stability

Run unstable containers with no limitations at all.


Surface Protection

Protect bottles from scuffing or visible marks during the packaging process.


Line Availability

The Puck Management System automates the puck change over to run different bottle sizes.

Solutions & Applications

Container Sorting, Orienting and Pucking

Puck Inserting

Container Depucking and Inverting


Puck Stockage and Management

PUCK Management

Injection-molded and Machined Pucks

Puck Manufacturing