Innovation and Expertise

The most Innovative Liquid Filling Solutions

Definitely Antonio Mengibar S.A. pushes innovation in the packaging industry since more than 30 years ago, this is the Core of the company. We help our customers to face with the most complex challenges in their production lines.

More than 1.000 equipments and systems have been installed along of the years having been involved in the most complex and revolutionary projects for the leading companies. Specialist in developing never-before-seen filling and capping solutions to solve the major challenges of the packaging industry, both present and future.

For over 40 years Mengibar has been manufacturing Filling and Capping machines for Liquids. Antonio Mengibar S.A. has participated in the development of most of the current packaging technologies used in the industry today, contributing to improve the performance and savings of today’s liquid filling machines.

Today Antonio Mengibar S.A. is considered one of the most innovative worldwide supplier of Packaging Machinery offering state-of-the-art filling and capping machines, that fullfills the most highest performance standards.

Our History


Antonio Mengibar was familiar with packaging machines, he was the engineering manager of different packaging companies before starting his own company.


Antonio Mengibar S.A. is founded in 1988. The first logo was designed using a home needle printer and it was sent by Fax in April of that year.


linear filler machine

A few years before, Antonio Mengibar started to do the first tests with Flowmeters. In 1989 Mengibar built the first Linear Filler using flowmeters to revolutionize the packaging industry.


rotary capper for trigger pumps

Only one year late Mengibar built the first Rotary Capper for Trigger Pumps. For over 20 years Mengibar had no competition in this market.


filling and capping innovative machinery

Mengibar manufactures the first complete line of Air Fresheners and Insecticides for 200 bottles per minute. Includes pre-assembly of wicks and wick fans.


antonio mengibar sa

During the 90’s Mengibar included new solutions into its range of applications: Hot Filling, Cooling Tunnels, Puck handling, Pre-assemblers, etc.


antonio mengibar sa facilities in spain

In 2000 Mengibar inaugurates the new facility of 6.000 sq.meter with one building exclusively dedicated to R&D projects..


piston filling machine for nailpolish

Mengibar introduces the Swirl Filling Technology for cosmetic applications.


liquid filling machine

Mengibar introduces the New MassFlow and MagFlow Fillers and Monoblocks featuring ‘Low Reynolds’ Filling Technology, Stable Work Environment and Electronic Torque Control.



Antonio was retired after 21 years leading successfully the company. The second generation took over the direction of the company.


MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers and Monoblocks

Second Generation of MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers and Monoblocks feature what is the new revolution in liquid filling: ‘Enhanced Accuracy’ Dose Control.


gráfica crecimiento antonio mengibar s.a.

Machine and after sales projects have reached a historical high and sales records are broken.

Our Engineering Department represents a clear example of what creative engineering development means. We are convinced that our international reputation is due to the ability of this department to develop original creative and innovative solutions.

Company’s passion and years of successful experience is applied in each new project, with the aim to offer the maximum final product quality minimizing production costs.