Liquid Filling Machines: MagFlow & MassFlow Filler

MagFlow & MassFlow

Revolutionary Liquid Filling Machine

Mengibar’s MagFlow and MassFlow Liquid Filling Machines, represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of products: from thin and foaming to highly viscous liquids, featuring never before seen filling accuracy and efficiency.

Features Downtime tracking and real time production management. A user-friendly touch-screen interface allows the line operator a complete monitoring over the whole packaging process. An Ethernet connection links to the SCADA system’s database and software programs providing trending, diagnostic data and management information.

Main Benefits

More Flexibility

Suitable for any kind of liquid. The same Filler can handle a wide range of viscosities and product natures. Capability to run hazard products featuring Corrosion-Proof or Explosion-Proof executions to manage liquids containing alcohol, acids or bases. From low to high pH levels.

Smart Flow

Filler efficiency is not affected by the plant design inefficiencies nor the location of the product storage tanks. Product pressure inside the Filler is continously monitored to guarantee the optimum flow rate through each filling module.


Precise control of the dosing in real time. The dose keeps constant from the first bottle till the last bottle of the day regardless of line micro stops or accidental changes in the formula affecting the liquid.

Real Time Production Management

With Mengibar Downtime Tracking and Real-Time Production Management the line operator has control over the whole packaging process. Features include machine status, downtime tracking with root cause identification, quality monitoring, automated alerts and notifications, OEE performance, meaningful trend analysis, individual energy consumption, safety management, etc. An Ethernet connection links to the SCADA system’s database and software programs providing trending, diagnostic data and management information.

Markets & Applications

Custom Series

Dealing with corrosive liquids


Filling flammable products


Solution for larger containers

Extra Large XL Series

Ideal for sensible liquids on small bottles

Over-the-counter Series