“Our challenge is to develop new packaging technologies to increase sustainability”

hispack 2022

Fidel Mengibar , our CEO, participated in the webinar on sustainable packaging, organized by Amec and Hispack  together with Ayrtac, Controlpack SystemsUlma, innovative solutions for sustainability in packaging.

Fidel stated that the new and powerful trends on sustainability and climate change drive Packaging Machinery manufacturers to be at the forefront and providing innovations to package new materials and develop more sustainable processes.

Innovative solutions in filling and capping

Some of these innovative solutions, in the filling and capping equipment, provided by Mengibar:

  1. Processes for new materials : it is about developing new manufacturing processes that allow the handling of new, more sustainable materials. As a clear example, Mengibar has the capability to handle today the lightest bottle in the market, Such a light bottle entails many difficulties in its handling, “it slips out of our hands”, “it is like a flexible balloon that remains upright”, said Fidel. This new development allows to fill and cap these ultra-light bottles, without slowing down the speed of the production line (see the Case Study)
  2. Energy saving: Mengibar manufactures smart systems that monitors, in real time, the consumption of all the equipment, both at the machine and remotely, to detect any deviation and thus be able to act quickly, without affecting the efficiency of the equipment, and allow significant energy energy consumption.
  3. Water saving: Mengibar has developed Clean-in-Place solutions that reduce time and energy . It is similar to an Eco program on  dish washing machine. This is possible thanks to product path of drainable design, quick dismantling and total control of the operation that reduces downtime.
  4. Product losses:  the Mengibar Fillers carry out an accurate control of the dose in all bottles. Each station collects thousands of relevant data each cycle. This information is stored and processed to suggest new improvement opportunities in terms of filling accuracy, overall efficiency, product and time savings.

To conclude, Fidel affirmed:

“In the world, 300 million tons of plastic are discarded per year and 50% has only been used once. 40% of the plastic produced, and of which a large majority ends up in landfills, is part of the type of products for the that Mengibar manufactures machinery.

Plastic material suppliers are constantly researching and innovating with increasingly sustainable materials and consumers themselves are immersed in a change of habits that is coming.

As manufacturers of packaging machinery, as a responsible party too, we have to be at the forefront in the transformation of the value chain of these materials”.

We invite you to visualize the webinar on sustainable packaging (English version or French version)

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