Sustainable Technical Developments & Filler Solutions

Antonio Mengibar S.A. is concerned about Sustainability and it is at the forefront in the development of filling and capping machines capable of working with new materials much less aggressive to the environment, working in several developments that will become a trend in the coming years.

It contributes to the packaging industry with environmentally sensitive methods and fillers solutions such as:

Energy Efficiency

Recyclable and Biodegradable materials

Waste reduction

Water Savings

Mengibar’s Research and Development Engineers are aware of the cost that represent to our Customers to meet the government environmental policies when the packaging lines are obsolete and inefficient.

Our Long Term Preventive Maintenance Program in just a few hours every year detects short term needs of spare parts saving production time and avoiding unnecessary downtimes. The best tool with the best maintenance guarantees the highest efficiency.

The cost of waste in packaging industry

The cost of waste in packaging industry is much higher than many businesses realise. The true cost involves the time, energy and materials used to produce the waste, and will be many times the cost of disposal or effluent treatment. In fact, waste represents the loss of valuable company assets and natural resources. Reducing cost through waste minimization contributes clearly to increase profitability and competitiveness while, at the same time, benefiting the environment.

“The Rise of Consumer Responsibility”, by the Hartman Group, interviewed 1,600 people and learned that 88 percent of consumers define themselves as participating in sustainable behaviors. During these tough economic times, sustainable products create that ‘sweet spot’ that make consumers more optimistic about the choices they are making. In many ways, the term sustainability has become synonymous with responsibility for consumers or just ‘doing the right thing’.