Rotary Capping Machinery

Capping Solution

The Complete Capping Solution

Mengibar’s Rotary Capping Machinery can work either with Trigger Sprayers, Dosing Pumps, Caps with dip tube or Regular Caps with just a quick change over. Like the rest of Mengibar Rotary Cappers, these machines can be equipped with the most advanced quality control systems such as Vision Systems, Cameras, Servomotors for torque control or cap Orientation, Electronic ServoCam, etc.

Mengibar has the ability to find the right solution, for even the most difficult and imposible to solve applications in the market, in a simple and useful way and with a reasonable cost.

Rotary Capping Machines are manufactured as stand-alone units or integrated with other Mengibar equipments in a Rotary Monoblock.

Main Benefits

More Versatility

Any type of closures (Trigger Pumps Dosing Pumps, Caps with dip tube, Snap-on Oriented Caps, Screw-on Caps, Plugs, Fine mist sprayers, spouts, etc). One single Capping Machine can be fed with different Cap Sorters for different applications.


Complete Solution

One single solution provider guarantees the efficiency of the whole sorting and capping operation. Mengibar manufactures not only the Capping Machine but also the Automated Sorters, Conveyors, etc.


Reduced footprint

Mengibar Plug & Play and Poka-Yoke concept design for detachable color coded parts (no human errors on installation). Automated adjustments recipe driven. Minimum time required on changeover.


Torque control

For screw-on closures based on Dynamic Torque Principle by means of individual servomotors in each capping station. New torque values are easily selected as part of the recipe menu for each SKU. A pop-up alert warns in case that any closure doesn’t meet the preset values and finally that bottle will be diverted from the main discharge conveyor.


Real Time Production Management

Regenerative Energy Supply. In the event of an emergency stop (power failure, air failure, safety microswitches activated, emergency push button, etc.) the kinetic energy of the machine decelerating is used to keep the ServoCam modules in motion until the machine is stopped.

Markets & Applications

Custom Series

Pump Capper