Complementary Solutions


Complementary Solutions for Filling & Capping Lines

At Mengibar we understand that the process of Filling and Capping can be complex, which is why we offer a range of complementary solutions for your manufacturing processes. For instance, cooling tunnels, puck handling systems and multi-component assembly.

Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction means that you can rely on us to deliver top-of-the-line-machinery that will help your business productivity.

Complementary Solutions

Cooling Tunnels

Cooling tunnels have modular design with plug & play functionality, featuring cooling unit, fan system, and recirculating conduits. Serpentine and Single Lane options available for customization.

Puck Handling Systems

Mengibar provides custom puck handling systems to stabilize unstable bottles during packaging, reducing line downtime and changeover costs through standardized components.

filling system

Multi-component assembly

We offer multi-component assembly solutions, including Pre-Assembly Machines to simplify complex processes and enable on-site operations, ensuring proper placement with the final product.

assembly solutions for liquid filling and capping machine

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