Cooling Tunnels

Cooling Tunnels

Cooling Tunnels

Cooling Tunnels are designed from individual modules that can be added or withdrawn easily (plug & play). The cooling tunnel features the cooling unit, fan system and conducts to recirculate the cooled air inside the tunnel. Both Serpentine and Single Lane design are available according to the requirements of each different application.

The Serpentine Cooling Tunnel is the ideal solution to cool down containers in a stand-alone equipment using a serpentine accumulating table where containers are moving in a zigzag pattern. The Single Lane Cooling Tunnel is typically designed to be installed together with a Transversal Filling Machine when a constant linear speed is required during the filling and the cooling operations.

cooling tunnels

Main Benefits



Standarized modular design simplifies transport and installation works. Tunnel design based in modules allow to work with smaller components and reduces maintainance costs.



Progressive decrease of the temperature is controlled to avoid the risk o thermic shock and the consequent risk of crystallizarion and product surface crack.


Cooling Tunnels can be designed using cooling levels with different cooling zones for each different level. The second level allows to reduce the footprint of the cooling tunnel to a 50% of the initial footprint.

Markets & Applications

Air Fresheners & Insect Control

Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners and Candles

Stick Deodorants and Antiperspirants