Packaging Machinery moves unstoppably towards Sustainability

sustainability in packaging machinery

In the face of growing consumer awareness and regulatory pressures, sustainability in packaging machinery has emerged as a critical factor in optimizing packaging operations and promoting a circular economy. In the past, both packaging machinery and consumers chose the material for the Packaging based on 4 well-defined factors:

  • Visual appearance
  • Protective qualities
  • Manufacturing costs
  • Ease of production

However, in recent years, with consumers becoming more aware of the environmental impact of packaging, and along with new regulations and legislation, a 5th factor has emerged: Sustainability.

As a result of this change in mentality, companies that manufacture packaged products are looking for ways to produce that:

  • Optimize water management
  • Minimize material consumption
  • Adapt to new, more sustainable materials
  • Invest in technology to save energy

Machinery manufacturers have a prominent role in meeting these demands.

They must work closely with their customers to assess improvements in Packaging operations that promote Circular Economy through these functional improvements:

Optimized water management

It is an extremely important element in the Packaging and Liquid Filling Machines, especially in the cleaning process.

Intelligent automated systems are efficient solutions to regulate and optimize the high consumption of water in cleaning processes.

Minimum consumption of product and materials

Minimizing the use of resources and waste is a key obligation in all sectors, but in the Packaging industry it is imperative.

One solution to the problem is through precise and personalized packaging. Smart machines that can automatically adapt to the dimensions of each product help to save a significant amount of product and material.

For maximum resource efficiency, the use of thinner and lighter containers allows for significant material savings per container.

These lighter packs require machines designed for their specific use, otherwise quality and speed may be affected.

Have a look at this Mengibar Case Study, the Lighest Homecare bottle.

Adapt to new sizes or more sustainable materials

Alternative packaging solutions to plastic are sought.

Therefore, it is crucial to partner with a Machinery supplier to help decide the best material according to individual company sustainability goals and product requirements.

Machines that can handle containers with recyclable plastics, made of monomaterials or recycled content and, even, that can manufacture with other containers that are not plastic.

Invest in technology to save energy

The digital transformation in mechanical engineering is essential for technological developments that favor sustainability.

Digitization drives efficiency in sustainable packaging manufacturing as Industry 4.0 uses automation, robotics and AI to make packaging operations more efficient.

Problems will be identified before they occur to reduce material waste and production loss.

Have a look at Mengibar Quality 4.0.

The trend that packaging machinery manufacturers towards Sustainability is here to stay.

Sustainability represents a key factor in the long-term success of the Packaging Machinery Sector .

It is time for companies to consider what they can do for Sustainability, and what Sustainability can do for them.