Antonio Mengibar S.A.: Who are we?

Antonio Mengibar S.A.: Unique Engineering Solutions for Filling and Capping

Antonio Mengibar S.A is a family company that provides solutions to solve the major challenges of the packaging industry, both present and future. We supply the Home CarePersonal Care and Health Care companies with everything they need for their value chain regarding Filling, Capping, Bottle Handling and Cooling solutions.

Core business of the company has been, since more than 30 years ago, the development of new filling and capping solutions. Therefore, the team has participated in the development of most of the current packaging technologies used in the industry today. Company’s passion and years of successful experience is applied in each new project, with the aim to minimize production costs, improve maintenance operations with better access to the machine, improved performance, better cleaning protocols and friendly operator interfaces.

Today Antonio Mengibar S.A. is considered one of the most innovative worldwide supplier of Packaging Machinery offering state-of-the-art filling and capping machines, that fullfills the most highest performance standards.

Our Purpose

We create value for our clients, we help them to fulfill their goals as a social model.

It is our reason for going to work.

Mission: We manufacture packaging machinery for the products that millions of people in the world consume every day. Our work is a very important part of our clients’ value chain and as a company we are committed to manufacturing the best equipment on the market.

Vision: Maintaining the family character of our company and the commitment to our environment, to be the technological benchmark for our clients to improve their packaging processes.


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Our Origins

Antonio Mengibar was a young engineer moved just a few years ago to Barcelona where he had the opportunity to get in contact with the leading packaging companies in the region. Taking care initially of the Customer Service, he understood the circumstances of the end user of the packaging machine. Just a few years later, he was promoted to Engineering Director applying successfully all those ideas that helped new customer to overcome their current production issues.

At this stage, Antonio was responsible to create the prototype of the first Flowmeter Filling Machine.

Antonio Mengibar S.A. was founded finally in 1988. Antonio already had an international reputation as Director of Engineering at its earlier stage. At the time of starting his own business he gathered a team of skilled and experienced professionals who have proven over the years their degree of dedication and competence.