Experts in packaging technology: filling and capping machinery

Today packaging technology evolves as fast as packaging trends and design. Are you looking for a new project on filling and capping lines? Mengibar employs a team of packaging professionals that bring packaging expertise close to you beyond that conventional calculation of number of filling and capping stations. 

We will help you with a customized filling and capping solution together with the latest advances implemented successfully in the industry.

Customer Oriented Production

At Mengibar, each project is planned and structured down to its smallest details. The objective is having the liquid filling machine or capping machine being built to achieve the highest level of reliability and to be delivered in the shortest period of time.

We listen to our customers needs and wants, offering customized solutions in filling and capping and developing machinery with the highest real precision. 

Thanks to our values of effort and commitment, we accompany the customers throughout the useful life of the machine and solve any problems they may have in the best possible way. In this way, they are aware at any time about the status of their machine with the help of the personalized monitoring done by the Project Manager assigned to the project.


Industry 4.0 is an important part for the digital transformation for any company. Thanks to the industry 4.0 you can reduce the time production, optimize quality levels, have more security and flexibility in the production process, ensure the exchange of data between machines and ERP and improve your company’s competitiveness.

With Mengibar Downtime Tracking and Real-Time Production Management, the line operator has control over the whole filling and capping process. Features include machine status, downtime tracking with root cause identification, quality monitoring, automated alerts and notifications, OEE performance, meaningful trend analysis, individual energy consumption, safety management, an Ethernet connection links to the SCADA system’s database, etc.

Moreover, our equipment incorporates a EWON device (VPN) to allow remote connection from Mengibar to our technical service which allows to diagnose the problem accurately, assure traceability of all communications and reduce costs and return the machine to production in advance.

Training Programs at Antonio Mengibar

Training is the key element to ensure your packaging machine has a long and effective life. Antonio Mengibar’s Packaging Equipment Training program consists of onsite training for all levels of staff, ensuring the most efficient production in liquid filling and capping machinery.

Mengibar's Preventive Maintenance Plan

In order to achieve efficiency in your filling and capping line, reducing maintenance cost and ensuring high levels of productivity, we recommend our preventive maintenance plan.

Preventive Maintenance Plan becomes important when the warranty period expires, to keep the machine under the supervision of Mengibar. Implementing a preventive maintenance plan results in savings over time as assets last longer, use less energy and cause fewer interruptions to your processes.

We are always looking to assist our customers and give them a detailed answer according to their maintenance needs. In the following chart you can find out our preventive maintenance plans that you can acquire:

3 Plans

Basic Plan

Standard Plan

Extended Plan

Customer Service

From delivery, and during the lifetime of the machine our After Sales Department will be there providing maintenance services, retrofits of upgrades and new change parts.

A global network of Authorized Service Providers (ASP) offers to customers technical assistance with local staff engineers and has direct communication with Mengibar specialists.

Remote Assistance is installed in all newly manufactured equipment and through a standard RJ-45 socket, it has become a must-have tool because of its capacity of immediate intervention.

With just a click one of Mengibar’s most experienced technician is instantly transported into the customer premises, able to make a diagnosis of the equipment and provide the necessary assistance.