Health Care Filling Machine

filling and capping health care products

Filling the most sensitive liquids

Filling and Capping Solutions for Health Care & OTC products, which are available without prescription can only be dispensed to consumers by pharmacies and require a consultation between the pharmacist and the patient. Classically, patients will find this product category in their line of sight behind the counter (“over the counter”).

Health Care Filling Machine needs to handle probably the most sensible and critical products on small bottles, covering from foaming and thin liquids to high viscosities and for any kind of applications for non-prescription medicine.

Mengibar offers the most complete range of filling and capping solutions for all kind of non-prescription medicine liquids products.

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Filling and capping solutions for liquid and gel hand sanitizers, hydroalcoholic gels and peroxides. View More


Filling and capping solutions for multivitamins, pain gels, fungal infection creams, mouth washing, eye,drops, nasal sprays, etc. View More