People, the key to success

human side in packaging sector

A few days ago we had the opportunity to meet again, to touch base, to experience and link our strengths in the environment that is moving us: Packaging. Covid hasn’t reduced our hope to meet again.

During 4 days, over 600 direct exhibitors and 1100 Brands showed up to the World that Spain represents an unmatched dominance in Packaging Technology.

Someone said that, in the future, the World will be full of new machines that will improve our life experience and will help us to develop other human interests, a human side in packaging sector. Currently Packaging is contributing to reach this goal, providing the best protection to our everyday products and exploring new alternatives and materials to reduce pollution and improve sustainable goals.

Nevertheless, let’s go back to the beginning, who leads the revolution? Companies? Organizations? Partnerships? In my opinion the answer is clear: People.

There’s a song who says “Who runs the world?” Everyone of us, so…

Who runs Packaging industry? People.

Human side in packaging sector

During our four days in Hispack we came to the show with a different idea in our mind; Our objective was not focused in looking for new customers…. If you visited us, you can remember in our stand there was no machine, none of our products… We just wanted to keep focused and be visible to People. We think that Organizations without people become nothing, and nothing, for us, means lack of content.

At Hispack, Talent was the exhibition “engine”. Without Talent there is no technology, no innovation, no passion in providing solutions for the future of Packaging Industry.

From Mengibar that was what we did, being able to show People to this passionate world and to generate the aim of developing this future in our company, in a continuous innovation and sustainability environment.

The future is sometimes uncertain but, if we work offering Talent Development and we encourage People in our purpose, then we know for sure what is on our future horizon. Success.

Esther Las

Talent Manager at Antonio Mengibar S.A.

Picture of Esther