MagFlow & MassFlow, a Revolutionary Liquid Filling Technology

maglow and massflow liquid filler

Mengibar Liquid Filling Machine is considered one of the most innovative and advanced worldwide.

It is the best alternative to fill a wide range of liquids, thin, foaming, viscous, etc… achieving the utmost accuracy and efficiency.

More stable than any other Liquid Filling Machine

“A stable work environment defines the capability of a Liquid Filling Machine to become an independent unit, isolated from plant design inefficiency, capable to control multiple products in
accordance to nature of each liquid”.

At a glance:

  • The Filler efficiency is not affected by where the product storage tank is located.
  • It works perfectly with conductive and non conductive liquids.
  • Suitable for thin and foaming to highly viscous liquids.
  • Transfers real time data regarding quality monitoring, trends, energy consumption and OEE performance.
Liquid filling machine

Never before seen Accuracy

Accuracy depends on the capability to understand the real inertia in each filling head to set the right Close Point for each station in each bottle.

“Enhanced Accuracy” is the technology developed by Mengibar to analyze extrinsic factors that occur during the filling operation. The system generates 1.000 scans per second in each Filling module to anticipate any potential deviation before it occurs.

Algorithms used in net weight and flowmeter fillers generate a new dose with a correction based in the deviation read in previous bottles. Usually known as Approximation Algorithms or Table Tennis Rebound.

Low Reynolds dispensing nozzles

The Reynolds number is a dimensionless value that measures the ratio of inertial forces to viscous forces and describes the degree of laminar or turbulent flow.

Mengibar uses this principle to achieve a consistent and uniform flow with predictable streamlines applicable to a wide range of viscosities.

The advantages of this technology are:

  • Consistent and uniform flow.
  • Sanitary design. Filling nozzles do not enter inside of the bottle or even touch it.
  • No foaming, no splashing and no dripping.
  • No mesh components or similar inside.
  • Filling nozzle is easily disassembled for maintenance without tools. All tubing connections are sanitary tri clover typ
Reynols number

Main Benefits of MagFlow and MassFlow Technology

  • More Flexibility. MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers are suitable for any kind of liquid. The same Filler can handle a wide range of viscosities and product natures. Corrosive products and explosive atmospheres (ATEX execution) is also an option.
  • Better Stability. The Filler efficiency is not affected by the plant design inneficiencies or by where the product storage tanks are located. The system takes care to control the product pressure inside the Filler to guarantee the optimum flow rate through each filling module.
  • Increased Accuracy. Precise control of the dosing in real time. The dose keeps constant from the first bottle till the last bottle of the day regardless of line micro stops or changes in the formula affecting the liquid. Product savings in a line running at 150 upm in 1.000 ml bottles are estimated around 25 TONS per year.
  • Increased Filling Quality. The filler provides a consistent and uniform flow in every filling module. No foaming, no splashing and no dripping issues without mesh components or similar inside the filling nozzle.
  • Better Cleaning Experience. The standard design allows flushing of the cleaning product at high pressure (turbulent flow) through all filling nozzles open at the same time simulating production conditions. Cleaning time is reduced by around 60% in comparison with conventional designs. The Automated Product Change Over offers the possibility to automate all operations, from the last bottle of a current product to the first bottle produced with the new product.
  • Easy accessibility. All elements (filling valve, flowmeters, connecting tubes) can be individually disassembled for maintenance purposes without tools. All connections are sanitary tri clover type.