Hair and Body Care

Hair and body care products include a wide range of personal care items designed to cleanse, nourish, and improve the health and appearance of hair and skin.

While these products can vary significantly in their formulations and intended use, they share some common physical properties that contribute to their effectiveness and application.

Filling and Capping solutions for body gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, skin care creams, lotions and oils.

Hair and body care products can vary in viscosity, ranging from thin and runny (e.g., serums, body lotions) to thick and creamy (e.g., conditioners, body butters). Viscosity influences the product’s spreadability and coverage. Product paths are designed to work with sensible products in a hygienic environment, automated Clean and Place closed loop and minimal material waste.

Manufacturers and brands are exploring innovative packaging solutions to align with consumer preferences, enhance user experience, and promote eco-consciousness. Bottles are designed with ergonomic considerations to fit comfortably in the hand during use, enhancing the user experience.

Hair and Body Care Products closure trends in design are influenced by functionality, sustainability, user experience, and aesthetics. Manufacturers and brands are exploring innovative approaches to closures to enhance product performance, convenience, and eco-consciousness: Pump dispensers, flip-top caps, twist-lock mechanisms, push-buttons dispensers, disc cap closures, biodegradable closures, snap-on caps, easy-open caps, etc.

hair and body products

Our Expertise

Innovation in Filling Technology goes hand in hand with hair and body care products. During decades, Filling Machine Manufacturers have developed their own technology to deal with this kind of products where high viscosity, air bubbles trapped in the liquid, cleanability and a sort of multiple references and recipes. Reading the pages of packaging magazines, however, it is frequent to read that outdated technologies used 30 years ago are announced as new contributions in filling technology.

Our aim is to provide added value to our customer with a team that includes probably the top specialist in the field.

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