Agrochemicals & Pesticides

Agrochemicals and pesticides are chemical substances used in agriculture to protect crops from pests, diseases, and weeds. These liquids are essential for modern agriculture but need to be handled with care due to their potential environmental and health impacts.

The demand of Agrochemicals is growing due to increasing demand for agricultural products. The agriculture industry is driven by global population and income growth and dietary changes that follow. The legislative proposals of recent years, establishing limits to the use of certain agrochemicals, have forced companies in the sector to gradually renew themselves, to develop new formulations, and to find new packaging for their formula. The challenge is to find new solutions on agricultural plastic bottles and closures.

Filling and Capping solutions for Agrochemicals and Pesticides products include: liquid fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.

filling and capping agrochemical products

From thin and foaming to highly viscous liquids

Agrochemicals and pesticides are typically formulated as liquids, covering a wide range of viscosities depending on their formulation and intended use. Some may be thin and easily pourable, while others may be thicker and more concentrated, with different concentration levels, such as emulsifiable concentrates (EC), water-dispersible granules (WG), or water-soluble concentrates (SL), to suit different application requirements.

These products are potentially toxic substances and need to be handled with caution, following safety guidelines and using appropriate personal protective equipment during application.

agrochemical liquid bottle for fill and cap
heavy duty bottle material

Bottle Design Trends: Heavy-Duty Materials

Manufacturers and brands are exploring innovative packaging solutions to ensure proper containment and handling of these potentially hazardous substances.

Bottles are made from sturdy and durable materials to withstand the corrosive and potentially hazardous nature of the chemicals.

Closure Designs Trends: Child Resistant and Leak Proof

Safety is a paramount concern for  Agrochemicals and pesticides products, especially those that contain potentially hazardous substances.

Child-resistant closures are gaining popularity as they offer an added layer of protection to prevent young children from accessing harmful contents.

Closures are designed to be compatible with the specific agrochemical or pesticide to prevent any chemical reactions or degradation.

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Our Expertise

Since 1988 Mengibar has manufactured filling and capping machines for  Agrochemicals and pesticides liquids. Today Mengibar Filling and Capping Machines represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of different home care formulas, from highly viscous liquids to thin and foaming liquids, flammable or corrosive formulas with dosing and rigger pumps, child-proof, screw-on and snap-on closures.

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Why Choose Our Filling and Capping Machines?


Our innovative filling and capping machines provide a versatile solution for filling and capping a wide variety of industrial formulas.



Real-time dosing control with high accuracy ensures consistent dosage and uniformity throughout production.


More efficient filling and capping lines can boost production and reduce costs without sacrificing quality.


Filling and Capiing highly corrosive products

Antonio Mengibar S.A., renowned for its expertise in Liquid Filling and Capping Machines tailored to the unique demands of highly corrosive products used in the agrochemical and pesticides sector. With a commitment to innovation and quality, we provide efficient and reliable solutions, ensuring precise and secure liquid filling and capping solutions.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient filling and capping solution for your agrochemicals and pesticides products, contact us.

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