Laundry Cleaning

Laundry cleaning products are essential for maintaining clean and fresh clothes.

These products come in various forms and formulations, each with unique physical properties that cater to specific laundry needs.

Liquid Filling and Capping solutions for Laundry Cleaning products include: laundry detergents, whiteners and stain removers, concentrates, softeners, clothing disinfectants and washing machine cleaners.​

filling and capping for household products and laundry care

Highly Foaming Cleaners and Viscous Concentrates

Viscosity refers to a product’s thickness or resistance to flow. Laundry Cleaning care products can have different viscosity levels depending on their purpose and method of application.

The same liquid filling machine for laundry cleaning is compatible with a wide range of viscous and foaming formulations (foaming is associated with cleaning or dirt removal).

In any case they are easy to pour and dissolve quickly in water, making them suitable for both top-loading and front-loading washing machines. The solubility of laundry cleaning products is crucial for their effectiveness in water.

highly viscous concentrates in laundry cleaning
laundry cleaning bottle transparency

Bottle Design Trends: Space-Saving and Stackable

Brands are exploring space-saving bottle designs, enabling consumers to stack or store bottles efficiently, especially in smaller laundry spaces.

Transparency was embraced to showcase the product’s color and level, helping consumers easily identify the detergent type and amount remaining in the bottle.

Closure Designs Trends: Easy-to-Use Dispensers

Laundry cleaning closures are designed for user convenience, with easy-to-use dispensers and caps that allow for effortless pouring or measuring of detergent.

Dosing and Measuring Features: Closures for liquid detergent bottles often featured built-in measuring caps or pour spouts with clearly marked lines to enable precise dosing, reducing product waste.

caps pour spouts

Our Expertise

For over 30 years Mengibar is manufacturing liquid filling and capping machines for liquids, focusing on detergent filling machine and other solutions for home care market. Today our liquid filling and capping machines represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of products, covering from highly viscous liquids to thin and foaming liquids.

  • Operates higienically. Filling nozzles do not touch nor enter into the bottle.
  • Fills from thin to highly viscous products.
  • Guarantees exact fill bottles.

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Why Choose Our Liquid Filling and Capping Machines?


We are at the forefront of innovation in filling and capping machines, providing our customers with a versatile solution for their home care product needs.


Accurate real-time dosing control guarantees that all bottles contain the correct amount of product, ensuring uniformity in all the process.


By increasing the efficiency of filling and capping lines, manufacturers can produce more products at a lower cost and with higher quality.


Accurate Liquid Filling Machine for Laundry Cleaning

Laundry home care products can be challenging to fill and cap accurately due to their foaming and high viscous nature. To achieve maximum accuracy, use specialized equipment such as piston fillers and capping machines designed to handle these challenges.

If you are looking for a reliable liquid filling and capping solution for laundry cleaning products, contact us.

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