Oriented Spout Rotary Capper

Project Description

Rotary Capper for Snap-on Oriented Spouts to be installed in an already existing line of Laundry Detergents before the Filling and Capping Monoblock.

laundry bottle

What was Client's need?

It was in 2012 when Mengibar intalled a new brand line for Filling and Capping Laundry Detergents at 180 upm in a well-known company based in the south of Europe. This line was part of the total amount of 5 lines purchased by the same company in 5 years. The market was growing for our customer and the Board of Directors was aware of the savings generated by Mengibar fillers.

In 2019 the company decided to diversify the portfolio and started to produce for other brands. A potential customer required now to introduce a oriented snap-on spout and a transparent screw-on cap that where delivered separately.

A modification in the current line delivered a few years ago was required.

How did Mengibar solve it?

The modification of the current Filler – Capper Monoblock was not an option. The line only could stop for 2 weeks as an maximum.

Then, a new Rotary Capper was installed just before the Filler featuring a vision system to inspect the orientation of the Spout. A camera looked the bottom of the Spout when it was already picked up by the capping head. The spout was round shaped, so the orientation during the sorting, transport or the transfer to the capping heads didn’t guarantee that it could be correctly inserted later.

One Servomotor installed in each capping station applied then the correct orientation according to the pre-set pattern.

The Filler, didn’t have any issue with the spout inserted into the bottle because the filling nozzles do not touch the neck of the bottle. No modifications were required in the Monoblock apart of the new change parts for the new bottle and cap.

capping machine for laundry products