Scalable Trigger Pump Monoblock

Project Description

Filling and screw capping Monoblock for window cleaners and surface cleaners (highly foaming liquids). Screw-on Trigger Pump Capping.

As an additional fact, this machine was installed during the period that our technicians were not able to travel to the country of destination. The installation of the machine was succesfully performed by our local agent without any special training.

trigger bottle

What was Client's need?

Customer was interested in purchasing a MagFLow Filling and Capping Monoblock but he was not confident about the sales forecast for the future. Mengibar offered a Scalable Solution that permits to start initially with the current demand and to be capable to double the speed of the line in the future with the minimum investment.

The new Filling and screw capping Monoblock had to include all main features and advantages of any MagFLow or MassFLow Monoblock from the beginning. In other words, scalability was only referred to the machine speed.

How did Mengibar solve it?

Initially the Filling and screw capping Monoblock was build to run at 75 bottles per minute in 750 ml bottles featuring 8 MagFlow filling stations and 4 Screw-on capping stations for trigger pumps.

Whenever it will be necessary, one Mengibar technician will visit the customer to add 8 additional filling stations and 4 additional capping stations. Cost of the upgrade will be just the new parts added. In only 1 week the machine will be upgraded and commisioned, running at full capacity within the same week.

Final output will be 150 bottles per minute.

We invite you to watch the following video where we explain in more detail how we solved the case study.

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