Industrial Filling Machine

industrial products

Filling chemical and detergents on large containers

We design Industrial Filling Machine, that includes any “Hard Chemical product” and the most significative ones Car Care products, Agro Industry, Glues, Paints and XL format presentations.

Some of this products, they have a real critical filling process as the Cyanocrilat glues, needing the most of them anti corrosive protections in the machines as well as ATEX constructive designs.

Mengibar has the best experience and succesful installations under this conditions.

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Car care

Filling and Capping solutions for motor oils, anti-freeze liquids, air fresheners, grease lifter, mould and mildew stain removers and glass cleaners.
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Agrochemicals & Pesticides

Filling and Capping solutions for liquid fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
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Institutional Products

Filling and Capping solutions for home care, personal care, health care or chemical products in large containers.
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