Air Fresheners & Insect Control

Filling and Assembling for Air Fresheners and Insect Control, including Filling and Capping, Multi-components assembly and Puck handling solutions.
Insect control and Air Fresheners typically emit fragrance or insectivide and are used in homes or commercial interiors. Filling machines are constructed using Ceramic components (seals free) resistant to esential oils and chemical attack. Ceramic pistons and sleeves guarantee the best filling accuracy in small dosis (below 30 ml) free of mainteneance. ATEX electrical execution is required for those products containing solvents that might generate an explosive atmosphera inside of the Filler.
Bottles are usually made from PET, HDPE and Glass. Pucks are always recommended for non unstable bottles in order to keep in position. Glass containers may use or not pucks to protect glass surface from scratches, depending on the speed of the line.
Some of the different types of air fresheners include electric fan air fresheners, gravity drip hygiene odor control cleaning systems, passive non-mechanical evaporating aroma diffusers, metered aerosol time-operated mist dispensers, sprays, oils, gels, beads, and plug-ins. Each type of product uses its own kind of closing systems according to the characteristics of the product.
air fresheners

Our Expertise

Mengibar manufactures the complete filling and assembling air fresheners line to handle all the different components included in the final package:

  • Automated feeding and orienting of glass and plastic bottles.
  • Filling.
  • Automatic feeding, assembling and inserting of wick + wick holder.
  • Screw-on capping.
  • Snap-on over-capping.
  • Manufacturing of pucks and puck handling system.
filling and assembling air fresheners

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