ATEX-rated line for Glass Air Freshener Bottles

Project Description

Complete ATEX-rated line for Glass Air Freshener Bottles at 400 u.p.m.

Our customer is a large American company, with a global presence, that aimed to enhance the production output of their air freshener line. 

The challenges were diverse and complex.


The Challenge

First, to ensure highly accurate dosing of only 24ml of the product while simultaneously inserting the wick assembly into the container and capping it.

 Additionally, the customer requested to increase the production speed on the current line from 300 to 400 u.p.m. while maintaining a continuous production of the line.

Handling glass bottles efficiently at that speed was another challenge.

Furthermore, the machine had to be ATEX-rated due to the flammable content in the product.

How did Mengibar solve it?

Mengibar designed, manufactured, and installed an ATEX-rated explosion-proof Monoblock that has been fully tested and approved to be safe to operate in explosive atmospheres.

The equipment solution included a filling, a wick assembler, and a capper module with automatic feeding of wicks, wick stoppers and caps.

The glass containers are efficiently handled using pucks, which were entirely designed by Mengibar.

The pucks solution also included a Linear De-Pucker and puck recirculation system.

The filling module comes with twenty-four stations and highly accurate maintenance-free volumetric pistons.

The wick assembly and capping modules each include eighteen stations, all integrated into the same Monoblock base for a compact design.

Mengibar has also incorporated a reliable Inspection/Rejection/Diverting System capable of processing 400 u.p.m.

In the end, the overall result was a 33% increase in the line output, while maintaining the highest filling accuracy available in the market and achieving the highest Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE) never seen before.