Air Freshener Production Line

Project Description

Mengibar proudly presents its latest project: a complete air freshener production line. The line includes several stages, from bottle unscrambling, filling, wick assembly insertion, capping, to a comprehensive puck management system. With a nominal output of 300 units per minute, the line exhibits high efficiency, making it suitable for high-volume production of air fresheners.

Mengibar worked closely with our customer, a well-established US company, to deliver a comprehensive solution as a single-source supplier. In addition to the filler capper Monoblock, the project scope comprises bottle feeding, laser coder system, overhead wick assembly and cap delivery, puck management system, container depucking, puck recirculation and vision inspection system.

Air Freshener product

The Challenge

Designing and manufacturing a complete air freshener production line is a complex and challenging task, involving complexities at each stage. One of the major challenges was ensuring seamless and continuous production working at high speed.

The process of assembling and feeding the wick and wick holders inline requires the utilization of precise and accurate mechanisms. Once these items are assembled, it is crucial to ensure their continuous and uninterrupted feeding.

Moreover, the efficient and precise management of the pucks is key for maintaining the smooth operation of the production line.

How did Mengibar solve it?

To overcome these challenges, Mengibar designed and built an exceptionally advanced and cutting-edge production line. Mengibar´s Team of experts diligently worked to achieve seamless interconnection and flawless functionality across all aspects of the line.

Furthermore, they focused on seamlessly integrating the machines into the customer’s provided layout, ensuring a perfect alignment between the equipment and the overall production setup.

Mengibar developed a precise mechanism to assemble the wick and wick holders accurately, enabling continuous and seamless feeding. Also, an efficient and accurate puck management system was implemented, optimizing the line’s performance.

Leveraging Mengibar’s expertise and advanced technology, the company successfully accomplished another challenging project!

We invite you to watch the following video where we explain in more detail how we solved the case study.