Agrochemicals & Pesticides

Filling and Capping solutions for agrochemicals products, for instance liquid fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides.
The demand of Agrochemicals is growing due to increasing demand for agricultural products. The agriculture industry is driven by global population and income growth and dietary changes that follow. The legislative proposals of recent years, establishing limits to the use of certain agrochemicals, have forced companies in the sector to gradually renew themselves, to develop new formulations, and to find new packaging for their formula. The challenge is to find new solutions on agricultural plastic bottles and closures.
Net weight filling has been since decades the traditional Filling System used in agorchemical products. However new consumption habits and the increasing cost of those sensitive products are demanding nowadays concentrated formulas in small and medium size bottles. When it comes to accuracy, Flowmeters based technologies lead the way. As usual, new needs demand new solutions.
To ensure hazardous products remain secure in domestic settings, manufacturers combine child resistant closures with tamper evidence to meet all local legal requirements. Capping machines equipped with electronic torque control are the most advanced solution fot yamper evident anticounterfeiting closures.
Filling and Capping solutions for agrochemicals

Our Expertise

For over 30 years Mengibar is manufacturing filling and capping machines for liquids. Today our technical developments represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of products, with an unique patented solution to fill foaming liquids. and technical solutions for flammable and corrosive liquids.

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