Filling Equipment for Large Containers

Project Description

Filling Equipment for Large Containers is one of those projects where all possible combinations happen at once. A filling machine designed to run large containers (from 5 to 15 liters) for institutional products of different nature: general purpouse cleaners, bleach based products and flammable liquids.

This customer is based in the U.K. He already had a Mengibar Monoblock and gave us the opportunity to build this very special extra large machine for large containers.

What was Client's need?

In terms of price this kind of Monoblock probably is the most expensive element in the line, and unfortunatelly the budget of our Customer was limited. The Challenge of offering a filling equipment for large containers was the following: we had to be capable to design and build a machine with the following characteristics with a limited budget:

  • In line with ATEX requirements to work with products containing alcohol and solvents.
  • Using materials with superior corrosion resistance and polyamide coatings to ensure durability and strength.
  • Extra large size to accomodate large bottles.

How did Mengibar solve it?

Mengibar manufactures a XL (extra large) Version of all filling machines with the same number of filling and capping stations in a larger diameter machine base. Larger machines pitches for 220mm, 330mmm and 440mm are available to accomodate the bigger bottles in a MassFlow or MagFLow Filling Machine and Monoblock.

XL Series Filling Machines and Monoblocks combine all the characteristics, benefits and options (corrosion-proof, ATEX execution, etc.) in a larger machine pitch.

We invite you to watch the following video where we explain in more detail how we solved the case study.

xl series filling machine