Stick Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Stick deodorants and antiperspirants are usually housed in twist-up containers made from plastic or other materials that protect the product and keep it hygienic. It's important to note that antiperspirants contain additional active ingredients to control perspiration, whereas deodorants focus solely on odor control. The use of antiperspirants may be regulated in some countries due to the use of aluminum salts as the active ingredient. Both Stick Deodorants and Antiperspirants require a constant temperature to keep the product liquid from the making area until it is dispensed into the bottle or canister.

Hot Filling Machines provide an accurate control of the temperature and product flow during the whole filling operation. The jacketed product path (sometimes with continuous product recirculation) keeps an homogeneous temperature all along the product path to keep product temperature while it is inside of the Filler.

The product path is free of death zones. The product distribution path goes from the central manifold to the cylinder in a radial design. Sanitary valves in each station permit the product positive displacement to keep the product path isolated from the filling stations. A double jacketed product circuit allows the “heating fluid” to surround all the parts in contact with the product (product manyfold, valves, cylinders and nozzles) and to recirculate continuously to keep an homogeneous temperature all along the product circuit.

Cooling down it is also critical because it has to be progressive and guarantee that the core of the product becomes solid before the jar leaves the cooling tunnel to prevent scratches and marks in the surface of the product.

Manufacturers and brands are exploring innovative packaging solutions to enhance user experience, reduce environmental impact, and stand out in a competitive market. 

Bottles are designed with ergonomic considerations to fit comfortably in the hand during application. Stick deodorant and antiperspirant bottles continued to feature twist-up mechanisms, allowing for easy dispensing and reducing the need for additional caps.

Manufacturers and brands are exploring innovative approaches to closures to enhance user experience, reduce environmental impact, and differentiate their products. Brands incorporated user-friendly features, such as push-up bottoms or easy-open caps, to improve the overall user experience.

Our Expertise

Automatic Filling Stick Deodorants, Antiperspirants and Gels requires extensive knowledge and experience on this type of application. Antonio Mengibar S.A. has developed a complete range of equipment designed to efficiently package deodorants, antiperspirants and gels. These equipment can integrate different levels of automation to process these products according to the particular requirements of each customer and applications.

Mengibar manufactures the complete filling and assembly line to handle all the different components included in the final package:

  • Automated feeding and orienting of bottles.
  • Puck Inserting.
  • Hot Filling and temperature control.
  • Cooling Tunnels, Priming
  • Screw-on capping.
  • Snap-on over-capping.
  • Depucking and Inverting (top or bottom fill).
  • Manufacturing of pucks and puck handling systems.

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