Personal Care & Beauty

Shower gel, shampoo, cosmetics, deodorants and more

Personal Care Industry is probably where one can find more sophisticated products with the highest added value. Also the most revolutionary and sophisticated bottles and closures following the millenial generation trends. Filling accuracy, cleaneability, sensitive materials in contact with the product and sanitary design, flexility become important key decission factors when it comes to choose the correct filling and capping solution.
Mengibar offers the most innovative solutions of filling and capping acording to the new marketing trends.

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Cosmetics Make-ups

Filling and Capping solutions for creams, lotions, multi-stream 'swirl' products, cosmetics, make-ups and eyelashes rimmel.
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Stick Deodorants and Antiperspirants

Automated bottle sorting, filling, cooling, capping and puck handlig for stick deodorants and antiperspirants.
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Hair and Body Care

Filling and Capping solutions for body gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, body lotion, skin care creams, lotions and oils.
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