Solid Air Fresheners and Candles

Solid air fresheners, also known as air freshener gels or deodorizing blocks, are compact products designed to emit a pleasant fragrance and neutralize odors in indoor spaces.

Unlike electric air fresheners, solid air fresheners do not require electricity to function, making them portable and suitable for use in various spaces, including small, enclosed areas.

filling and capping solid air fresheners and candles products

Product Temperature Control

Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners provide an accurate control of the temperature and product flow during the whole filling operation. The jacketed product path (sometimes with continuous product recirculation) keeps an homogeneous temperature all along the product path to keep product temperature while it is inside of the Filler.

Cooling down it is also critical because it has to be progressive and guarantee that the core of the product becomes solid before the jar leaves the cooling tunnel to prevent scratches and marks in the surface of the product.

solid fresheners
bottle eco conscious practices for candle fragances

Bottle Design Trends: Brand Storytelling

Some brands used the label space to convey their commitment to sustainability, eco-conscious practices, and the product’s fragrance story.

Brands offered a range of bottle colors and design choices, allowing consumers to choose products that align with their preferences or home decor. Sometimes bottles are not stable by themselves and required the use of Pucks in the packaging line.

Closure Designs Trends: Child-Resistant Closures

On hot filling applications the closure has to provide a perfect seal to protect the nature of the product inside of the bottle. Snap-on lids, fashion cosmetic caps and over caps are typically used with Hot Filler products.

Some closures are designed to control the fragrance release, allowing consumers to adjust the intensity of the scent or its diffusion rate.

snap on lids hot candle

Our Expertise

Mengibar manufactures the complete liquid filling and assembly line to handle all the different components included in the final package:

  • Automated feeding and orienting of glass and plastic bottles.
  • Puck Inserting.
  • Hot Filling Machine and temperature control.
  • Automatic feeding, assembling and inserting of wick + wick holder.
  • Screw-on capping.
  • Snap-on over-capping.
  • Depucking.
  • Manufacturing of pucks and puck handling systems.

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Why Choose Our Filling and Capping Machines?


For over 40 years we have been manufacturing Filling and Capping machines, providing a versatile solution for various home care formulas.


Real-time dosing control with high accuracy ensures that the dosage remains consistent throughout production.


More efficient filling and capping lines can produce more products at a lower cost, while maintaining or improving product quality.



Accurate and Efficient Filling and Capping Machinery

Our filling and capping machinery is the ideal solution for manufacturers of solid fresheners and candles. Our machines are designed to accurately and efficiently fill and cap a wide range of container sizes and shapes, with minimal product waste.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient filling and capping solution for your high foaming and viscous household cleaning products, contact us.

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