Explosion Proof / ATEX Certified Filling Machine

Project Description

ATEX certified filling machine, screw capping and snap-on over capping Monoblock for non-prescription medicines containing alcohol in glass and PET bottles at 300 upm.

The Monoblock built in the European Union with destination to the USA had a double certification ATEX and NEC to be used in a Non Ex-Classified Area.

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What was Client's need?

This machine was adquired by a global multinational with business in Home Care, Personal Care, OTC and Pharma industries. Customer’s wish was to combine in the same machine the latest technology in filling and capping in an Explosion Proof certified machine. The Wish List included the following:

  • Inspection of container by means of Vision system (Camera) just before filling.
  • Flowmeter based filling machine.
  • Mengibar’s ‘enhanced accuracy’ hard and soft architecture.
  • Electronic torque control by means of Servomotors.
  • Laminar flow hood featuring prefilters and HEPA filters.
  • Automated C.I.P.  without operator intervention.

Besides all these requirements the project included several Glass and PET bottles with different child-proof screw-on caps, so all machine adjustments were fully automated, without adjustments. In other words, all-in-one machine.

How did Mengibar solve it?

ATEX and NEC certifications begin with a risk analysis of the machine to identify potential issues related to flammable liquids and gases generated inside of the machine. Risk of potential broken or spilled bottles must be taken into consideration.

From the risk analysis a map of zones of the machine has to be designed and approved as an ATEX certified filling machine. Machine main features (cameras, electronic torque control, dosing flowmeters, laminar flow hood, CIP closed loop) have to be designed considering that are going to be installed in an ATEX/NEC environment.

A list of special electronic ATEX/NEC certified components is submited to the customer for final review and approval.

As part of the scope, Mengibar carries out a risk analysis (risk of explosion) of the equipment, including both electrical and non-electrical elements. The ‘technical file’ describing the ATEX execution complying with the legal regulations of ATEX rated equipment will be deposited in a UE ‘notified body’.

We invite you to watch the following video where we explain in more detail how we solved the case study.