Advanced Capping Solutions for Personal Care Products by Mengibar

Gel capping machines solutions for hair and body care products

In the highly competitive personal care industry, particularly for products such as gels, conditioners, and shampoos, the efficiency and reliability of packaging machinery are crucial. Mengibar stands out as a leader in the development and manufacturing of advanced capping machines. It offers comprehensive solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of hair care and body […]

The Origins of Filling Technology – Part II

In the first part of this article, we explored the early developments in filling technology, from manual methods to the initial automated machines such as gravity-fed, vacuum, piston, volumetric, and net weight-filling machines. These advancements set the stage for significant innovations in the 20th century. In this second part, we will examine how filling technology […]

Trends in Personal Care Industry. 5-Year Outlook

closure designs trends

In recent years, the personal care industry has undergone a period of significant disruption and transformation. The COVID-19 pandemic played a pivotal role in this shift, as it triggered a noticeable change in consumer preferences towards skincare and personal care products. As social interactions declined and individuals embraced self-care practices, the demand for these products […]

Innovation and Resilience, the keys to the success of Packaging Machinery

multicomponent caps for fill and cap

Recently, during a very special visit from a well-known technological center, we were presented with a question that undoubtedly deserves deep reflection: What are the advantages that distinguish the packaging machinery sector from other segments of the industry? Importance of Packaging in Product Distribution When I engage in conversations with individuals who are not initiated […]

The Origins of Filling Technology – Part I

origin of filling technology

The origins of filling technology is a remarkable tale of innovation and automation, driven by the need to meet the growing demands of industries and consumers. Before the advent of automated filling machines, filling operations were primarily done manually. Workers would use simple tools like ladles or pitchers to pour liquids into containers. This process […]

Circular Economy

circular economy

Mother Nature is the main supplier of raw materials and we have used its resources for thousands of years to manufacture new products, maintaining a balance that in recent decades has been altered in an alarming and dramatic way. Nature cannot bear the continuous plundering of its resources, their transformation and distribution up to the […]

Main Trends on Packaging Machinery Market

global packaging machinery market

In the following article we will analyze the main trends on packaging machinery market and the most important expectations in terms of economy, type of machinery, sector and regions. Excellent expectations of packaging market increase Based on one of the latest studies appeared, Allied Market Research, Global Packaging Machinery market, valued approximately at 43.52 Mio$ […]

Identifying the 6 Most Common Problems on Automated Packaging Lines

liquid filling machine

Have you ever asked which are the most common problems on automated packaging lines? In the following article we are going to analyze them and how to solve them. What happen when the OEE of the packaging line does not match your company standards? The problem on automated packaging lines is that somebody uses OEE […]