Swirl Filling Machine

Project Description

Multi-Stream Swirl Filling Machine for Cosmetic Products. Swirl cosmetic products have first appeared in 2000s decade as a sophisticated top product only for exclusive customers and shops.

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The Challenge

This project requested a Scalable Swirl Filling Machine designed to fill initially two different components with independent adjustment of the dose as well as the dispensing profile  of each stream. Scalable means that machine would have the capability to be upgraded in the future with two additional streams to fill the most complex patterns.

How did Mengibar solve it?

Mengibar developed and patented a new Filling Machine capable to realize 3D patterns with an absolute control of the three key elements both:

  • The Bottle
  • The Product (multi product control)
  • The Filling Nozzle

Every elements includes a relative movement capability with respect to the rest of elements that aloow the Filling Machine to perform revolution patterns (like 100% of the rest of Swirl Filling Machines) but also any kind artistic patterns that require other functions.

In other words, Mengibar introduced its technology into the 3D Printer industry offering to marketing the possibility to develop in the laboratory designs never before seen and be capable to reproduce these innovative designs in the production line.

swirl flling machine for cosmetics products