Solid Air Freshener – Hot Filling and Cooling

Project Description

Solid Air Freshener Linear Filler (Hot Fill) and Cooling Tunnel Monoblock at 200 upm. Mengibar developed an hot filling and cooling solution.

air freshener

What was Client's need?

Product filling temperature is 75ºC and the canister is completelly full. Any alteration from the the linear continuos speed will cause the product to overflow.

The capacity of each container (over 200 grams) and the cylindrical design required a cooling system capable to get an homogeneous solidification, from the core to the surface, to avoid visible scratches.

How did Mengibar solve it?

In order to reduce the number of different movement and transitions of the canister the Filling Machine (transveral designed) was mounted over the cooling tunnel conveyor. From the moment the canisters are filled their movement is liear at continuous speed to avoid any risk of overflow or splashing.

Cooling tunnel was designed with two independent cooling units, because of the length of the equipment and the quantity of canisters inside of the tunnel at the same time: 6.000 units.

hot filling machine
hot filling machine