Air Freshener and Insect Control Filling and Capping

Project Description

Dual Chamber Air Freshener and Insect Control Filling and Capping Line, including Bottle Feeding, Puck Inserting, Filling, Wick + Wick Holder Assembling and Inserting, Screw Capping and Depucking.

Output: 200 bottles per minute

air freshener

The Challenge

Multiple scented air fresheners represents nowadays one of the most demanded solutions developed from traditional single scent electric air fresnehers. Dual (or triple) Scented air fresheners alternate between two complementary scents, so your nose never stops noticing them.

The bottle, actually a double glass jar, includes a plastic ring that helps to keep both elements together. However its major benefit becomes also its major challenge: the 200 bottles per minute line is actually a 400 bottles per minute line. In addition, the distance between bottle neck A and bottle neck B requires a different approach to the traditional concept design of filling and capping stations.

How did Mengibar solve it?

The Air Freshener and Insect Control Filling and Capping Line (Monoblock) was designed with 4 carousels in order to face the challenge of Air Freshener and Insector Control Filling and Capping:

  • Filling Machine Carousel equipped with two sets of 12 filling stations, one per each stream.
  • Wick + Wick Holder inserting carousel equipped with 2 sets of 9 stations with common driving cam to reduce the carousel size. Wick + Wick Hoder assembly is done in an indepent equipment the pices already assembled to the carousel.
  • Screw Capping carousel #1.
  • Screw Capping carousel #2.

This Monoblock is also capable to run with standard single chamber bottles if required.

We invite you to watch the following video where we explain in more detail how we solved the case study.