Filling and capping for over-the-counter products (OTC), for instance multivitamins, pain gels, fungal infection creams, mouth washing, eye, drops, nasal sprays, etc.
OTC products (also known as over-the-counter products) which can be sell out without prescription by pharmacies or chemist. OTC products covers a wide range different product natures and therefore multiple physical differences: viscous, very foamy, small doses, medium size and small bottles to dispense the product in drops or spray, etc. This range of products also includes cosmetics, food supplements and Ayurvedic/Herbal products.
Any rigid bottle in Glass, PET of HDPE. No matter the volume to be dispensed.
Any screw-on and snap-on, capping, with or without orientation, plugs and over caps, nasal sprays, eye droppers, etc.
filling and capping for over-the-counter products

Our expertise

In 1986 Antonio Mengibar, founder of our company, built the first flowmeter Filling Machine to give a solution to one of his customers main concern: every few thousand of hours maintenance staff had to replace the seals in the piston pumps to keep the accuracy of the Filling Machines. Where the missing polymer (waste) went? Then answer was clear… in every single bottle of Serum.

At that time Filling Machines for small bottles used Piston Filling Technology. It was a must to research an alternative solution. Antonio Mengibar accepted the challenge and developed a new technology used today in many Filling Machines.

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