Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners and Candles

Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners and Candles, including Filling, Cooling, Capping and Puck Handling of aromatic candles and solid airfresheners in glass and plastic containers.
Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners provide and accurate control of the temperature and product flow during the whole filling operation. The jacketed product path (sometimes with continuous product recirculation) keeps an homogeneous temperature all along the product path to keep product temperature while it is inside of the Filler.
Bottles are usually made from PET, HDPE and Glass. Pucks are always recommended for non unstable bottles in order to keep in position. Glass containers may use or not pucks to protect glass surface from scratches, depending on the speed of the line.
On hot filling applications the closure has to provide a perfect seal to protect the nature of the product inside of the bottle. Snap-on lids, fashion cosmetic caps and over capsare typicaly used with Hot Filler products.
Solid Fresheners and Candles

Our Expertise

Mengibar manufactures a wide range of equipments together with the Hot Filling Machine for solid fresheners and candles:

  • Automated feeding and orienting of glass and plastic bottles.
  • Puck Inserting.
  • Hot Filling with temperature control.
  • Cooling.
  • Capping.
  • Depucking.
  • Manufacturing of pucks and puck handling system.

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