Cosmetics Make-ups

Filling and Capping for Cosmetics product, for instance, creams, lotions, multi-stream 'swirl' products, cosmetics, make-ups and eyelashes rimmel.
Product path design, contact materials and an excellent filling accuracy become relevant when it comes to handle high added value products like Cosmetics. Cleaneable, sanitary and flexibility designs are a must. Cosmetics include a wide range of different product natures, from the most viscous product at room temperature to 'swirl' type products and hot fill applications. That's why we are offering a complete filling and capping solution for cosmetics products.
Marketing never stops. This is the idea. Cosmetics bottles are usually made from PET, PP, Glass and other sophisticated materials of new generation. Pucks become also part of the line to be able to handle unstable bottles.
Any screw-on and snap-on trigger pumps or dosing pump, trigger sprayer, conventional caps, oriented caps, plugs, spouts and cover discs adapted for cosmetic products.
cosmetic products

Our Expertise

For over 30 years Mengibar is manufacturing filling and capping machines for liquids. Today our products represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of products, covering from highly viscous liquids to thin and foaming liquids.

Mengibar filling and capping machines will produce today:

  • 250.000 bottles of exactly identical dose and appearance.
  • 100 tons of household products without foaming issues nor dripping.
  • 150 combinations of different closures (trigger sprayers, dosing pumps, spouts, plugs, caps, etc).

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