Swirl Fillers featuring Multi Stream Technology combine the capability to control the product flow of multiple product streams with the handling of both product and bottle to perform multiple artistic patterns with different products and colors.

Mengibar manufactures Laboratory Bench Units to create and test different products combinations and formulas as well as Production Fillers that have the capability to import those parameters from the Lab Unit approved pattern to generate production units with exactly the same appearance.

Siwrl Filling Machine - 3 Streams

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Concept Design

Normally Used for...

Most of the Swirl Filling applications are supplied for Hair Care, Creams and , Cosmetics.

Hazard Products

MultiStream Fillers can be build as Explosion-Proof execution to manage liquids containing alcohol generating an explosive atmosphere.


MultiStream Fillers require easy inspection systems with clear indications and full access to all machine areas where human intervention is required for maintenance duties.