Home Care Filling Machine

Home Care products

Filling and Capping for a wide range of bottles closures and liquids

Filling and Capping solutions for Home Care products, whose generally include a wide range of formulations, from highly viscous to thin and foaming liquids (detergents, soaps, candles and more). Some of them require corrosive protections and special electrical execution for explosive atmospheres.

We offer home care filling machine for bottles and closures, which their design (caps, trigger pumps, dosing pumps. plugs, spouts) represent as well a challenge with new sophisticated shapes in constant evolution following the main market trends.

Mengibar offers the most innovative filling and capping solutions for viscous, foaming, abrasive, corrosive liquids.

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Household Cleaning Products

Filling and Capping solutions for detergents, liquid soaps, degreasers, disinfectants, toilet and drain cleaners, bleaches, acids (pipe and WC cleaners), surface cleaners...
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Laundry Cleaning

Filling and Capping solutions for Laundry Detergents, Concentrates, Softeners and Clothing Desinfectants.
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Air Fresheners & Insect Control

Filling, Capping, Multi-components assembly and Puck handling solutions for liquid air fresheners and insect control products.
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Hot Filling Machine for Solid Fresheners and Candles

Filling, Cooling, Capping and Puck Handling of aromatic candles and solid airfresheners in glass and plastic containers.
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