Filling & Capping

The most Innovative Liquid Filling Technology

Filling & Capping
For over 40 years Mengibar has been manufacturing Filling and Capping machines for Liquids. Mengibar has participated in the development of most of the current packaging technologies used in the industry today, contributing to improve the performance and savings of today’s fillers.
  • Leading the research of Flow Metering technology, in the early´s 90, incorporating Magnetic and Mass Flowmeters in Linear and Rotary Fillers to replace old fashioned technologies based in Gravimetric systems, Piston Pumps or Weight (Scales) technology.
  • Introducing, in 2000, the first design or our successful Low Reynolds Filling Head and Stable Work Environment concept.
  • Manufacturing, 25 years ago, the first Trigger Sprayer Capping machine.
Today Mengibar is considered one of the most innovative worldwide supplier of Packaging Machinery offering state-of-the-art filling and capping machines, that fullfills the most highest performance standards.

Filling Machines

Mengibar Filling machines represent the most innovative solution to fill a wide range of products, covering from semi solid and highly viscous liquids to thin and foaming liquids.


Capping Machines

Mengibar Capping machines can work either with Screw-on and Snap-on Trigger Sprayers, Dosing Pumps, Caps with dip tube, Snap-on Oriented Caps or Screw-on Caps with just a quick change over.

capping machines

Filling&Capping Monoblocks

Mengibar offers Monoblocks machines, that allow to combine 2 or more filling, plugging and capping operations in one single machine base.

filling and capping monoblocks