Insect Control Series

Mengibar manufactures complete packaging and assembly lines for Insect Control Liquids and Liquid Air Fresheners. This kind of lines usually includes also pre-assembling of some of the componentes in parallel to the Monoblock.

Mengibar complete solution includes:

Automated feeding and orienting of glass and plastic bottles


Automated feeding and inserting of wicks + wick holders

Automated feeding and screw capping of final cap

Supply of Pucks

Puck handling (pucking, depucking, etc.)

Detail of Wick + Wick Holder Inserting Carousel


Local initiatives to promote and develop the packaging technology in the school, university and professionals.

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Mengibar is concerned about Sustainability and contributes to the packaging industry with environmentally sensitive methods.

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Job opportunities

We are looking for new candidates to expand our business in Europe, America and Asia, feel free to contact us.

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