Extra Large Bottles - XL Series

XL Series Monoblocks combine all the characteristics and benefits of MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers and Monoblocks with a larger bottle pitch and special dimensions to handle large containers (5, 10 and 15 liters) in a rotary machine base.

Most used in Automotive Products (mineral oil, additives and cleaning products) and Garden Care Products (fertillizers, pest control). Sometimes the packaging line is requires also to be Corrosive Proof or Explosion Proof. Like MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers and Monoblocks, XL Series can fill any kind of liquid, regardless its viscosity, foaminess, corrosiveness, etc.

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Local initiatives to promote and develop the packaging technology in the school, university and professionals.

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Mengibar is concerned about Sustainability and contributes to the packaging industry with environmentally sensitive methods.

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We are looking for new candidates to expand our business in Europe, America and Asia, feel free to contact us.

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