Mengibar Rotary Cappers can work with multiple type of Caps (Screw-on, Snap-on, Oriented Snap-on, Pilfer Proof, Vacuum), Trigger Pumps, Dosing Pumps and Caps with Dip Tube. Build as a stand-alone machines or integrated with other filling and capping modules in Rotary Monoblocks.

Rotary Screw-on Capper - 180 u.p.m.

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Concept Design

Normally Used for...

Any kind of applications where it is required to apply a closure sytem: Home Care, Personal Care, OTC & Health Care, Aerosols, etc..

Torque Control

Controlled by Servomotors 'Electronic Torque Control'. Each station reports to the main machine PLC to identify overtorqued and undertorqued bottles for rejection. Torque values for screw-on closures is monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I.


Mengibar Cappers require easy inspection systems with clear indications and full access to all machine areas where human intervention is required for maintenance duties.