Multi-Component Assemblers


Some times, that closure to be inserted is made from different components. The traditional solution is to receive these closures already assembled from the closure supplier. Mengibar also offers the possibility to realize the assembly of the different components in the packaging line.

The Multi-Component Assembler is installed beside the Filler, Capper or Monoblock. Checks the quality of the assembled component and runs synchronized with the production machine.

Range of applications:

  • Pre-Assembled Caps.
  • Trigger Pumps, Dosing Pumps or Caps + Dip Tube.
  • Wicks + Wick Stoppers.
  • Multi-Component Bottles.
  • Other Multi-Component Objects,

Multi-Component Assembler connected to a Filler - Capper Monoblock - 200 u.p.m.

Main Benefits

Less stock of Assembled Components.

Quality check is done just after the assembly is done and before it is applied/inserted/delivered.

Less delivery time on multi-component materials.

Less cost due to external operations.

Multi-Component Closures
Multi-Component Closures

Compact stand-alone machine designed to assembly two components. Sometimes is a cap with an insert or a dip tube that must be completed befores ...

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Multi-Component Packages
Multi-Component Packages

Any kind of package or bottle can also be assembled before the Filling Machine. Multi component assembly guarantees a high standard quality level ...

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