Puck Inserters

Flexible machines designed to identify the orientation of the container and puck by means of an advanced image recognition system, and align both elements before inserting. Mengibar Rotary Puck Inserting Machines are the ideal solution for bottle handling applications as a stand-alone units or integrated into a Filler Capper Monoblock.



Frame structure made of 100x100mm square pipe in AISI-304 Stainless Steel, light fixture and clear guardings to facilitate visual inspection inside of the frame.


By means of Vision System. Orientation is done by individual Servomotors installed in each Puck Inserting Stations. Orientation values for different formats are monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I.


Handling parts are designed using materials that allow to handle fragil and non stable bottles with care. During the insertion into the puck the system must guarantee that no damages will be caused to the different components.

Rotary Puck Inserter

The Rotary Puck Inserter can be integrated as an additional carousel of a Multifunction Monoblock, or as a stand-alone equipment synchronized electronically with the rest of the line. In both configuration an optimal efficiency is guaranteed.

Bottle Sorter - Pucker

Non stable or fragile container sometimes require to be inserted into a puck in the same sorter, not in a separated machine. The OC Sorter is designed for special / difficult container and it becomes the right choice.

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