Puck Removers

This is the last 'Puck Dedicated' machine in the line. Pucks return bak to the Bottle Sorter - Pucker or the Puck Inserter and container is delivered to the next machine in the line: Labeller, Case Packer, etc. The Puck Remover can be designed following different configurations and requirements, depending on line speed, container and puck shape, flexibility, etc.



Frame structure made of 100x100mm square pipe in AISI-304 Stainless Steel, light fixture and clear guardings to facilitate visual inspection inside of the frame.


By means of Vision System. Orientation is done by individual Servomotors installed in each De-Pucking Station. Orientation values for different formats are monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I.


Handling parts are designed using matrials that allow to handle fragil and non stable bottles with care to guarantee that no damages will be caused to the different components.

Rotary De-Pucker

The right choice

Rotary De-Pucker handles carefully even the most fragile plastic and glass containers at high speed. Special clamp-type or vaccum chucks are designed according to container requirements. High speed solution for Puck Lines.

Depucker - Inverter

Multifunction Monoblock

Desgined for Bottom Fill Bottles and Shampoo and Bath Gel bottles that are designed to be used and stocked up-side down in the bathroom or kitchen. There is a solution in one single machine base for every need.


Simple and Flexible

Mengibar Linear Depucker is a stand-alone machine desgined to handle small and medium containers without using additional change parts for different bottles and pucks. Easy to adjust and easy to operate machine concept.

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