Home Care Applications

Mengibar Filling Technology represents the most innovative proven solution to fill a wide range of products and applications for Laundry Detergents and Additives, Dishwashing, Household detergents, Soaps, Surface Cleaners. Toilet Care, Air Care, Insect Control. Capping machines are capable to handle almost any kind of closure such as Screw-on and Snap-on Trigger Pumps, Dosing Pumps, Regular Caps, Snap-on Oriented Caps, Plugs, Wicks, etc.



Special care has been taken in the design of the product path to generate a stable work environment without changing conditions of pressure or flow even with foaming or highly viscous liquids.


When it comes to accuracy Mengibar is the benchmark within the sector. Mengibar dosing technology and product path design provide an excellent and accurated dosing from the first to the last bottle, improving all standard hardware available (flowmeters, scales or pistons).


On capping turret torque control can be controlled either by Servomotors ‘electronic torque control’ or ‘hybrid magnetic clutches’ (patented), both alternatives are available. Mengibar also implements ‘electronic servo-cam’ for multiple stroke requirements demanded on some type of closures.

C.I.P. & S.I.P.

Performed at high pressure (turbulent flow) by flushing the cleaning product down the product path. The stationary 360º tray is connected permanently to the C.I.P. to carry out easily the cleaning product.


Mengibar has designed a more comfortable and effective operator environment incorporating a large touch screen display, better access for maintenance and fast and easy tool free change overs. Machines are designed and assembled according to state-of-the-art technologies and conform to G.M.P. guidelines.


Machine is equipped with the highest level of automation where size change over (height adjustments) and dose adjustments are ‘recipe driven’.


The perfect choice

MagFlow and MassFlow feature the most innovative technology to fill efficiently liquid products, regardless of their viscosity or foaminess. The perfect platform for a wide range of filling and capping applications on a rotary machine base.


ATEX Series

Explosion Proof Certified

ATEX Series identify Filling and Capping machines working with explosive and flammable products that required ATEX certified machinery and components. Mengibar provides the complete solution and documentation to run under the most controlled conditions.


Corrosion Protected

Corrosion Protected machines feature the main benefits of MagFlow and MassFlow Fillers and Monoblocks using special structural materials (Duplex, Titanium, Hastelloy...) to work with highly corrosive products (acids and bases).

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