Home Care Fillers

Home Care Filling Machines handle a wide range of foaming and non-foaming products, mostly detergents and low viscous liquids. MagFlow and MassFlow feature the most innovative technology to fill efficiently liquid products, regardless of their viscosity or foaminess. The perfect platform for a wide range of filling and capping applications on a rotary machine base.


Rotary Filler - Trigger Pump Capper Monoblock - 150 u.p.m.

Concept Design

Normally Used for...

Most of the Home Care Applications are supplied for General Purpose Cleaners, Laundry, Bleaches and Acids, Garden Care, Kitchen Cleaners, Automotive Products and Chemicals.

Hazard Products

MassFlow and MagFlow Tillers can be build as Corrosion-Proof or Explosion-Proof executions to manage liquids containing alcohol, acids or bases. From low to high pH levels.


MassFlow and Maglow Fillers require easy inspection systems with clear indications and full access to all machine areas where human intervention is required for maintenance duties.