Trigger and Dosing Pumps

25 years ago Mengibar built the first Trigger Sprayer Capping Machine when we were required to develop a solution that was not available in the market yet. That was the beginning of a successful range of machinery that has been developed along with the years to include the latest technologies and tendencies.

Mengibar Cappers can work either with Trigger Sprayers, Dosing Pumps, Caps with dip tube or Regular Caps with just a quick change over. Like the rest of Mengibar Rotary Cappers, these machines can be equipped with the most advanced quality control systems such as Vision Systems, Cameras, Servomotors for torque control or cap Orientation, Electronic ServoCam, etc.



Frame structure made of 100x100mm square pipe in AISI-304 Stainless Steel, light fixture and clear guardings to facilitate visual inspection inside of the frame.


Electronic Torque Control in each capping station by means of individual Servomotors. Detects overtorqued and undertorque bottles for rejection. Torque values for different closures are monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I.


Capping head vertical stroke is monitorized and controlled from the H.M.I. Different cam profiles for different closures and dip tubes length are easily preselected by the line operator


Automated Sorting and Capping

The 'Flagship' of Mengibar Capping Machines. The most innovative technology to cap efficiently any kind of closure. This equipment can by installed like a stand-alone machine or synchronized with an existing filler.


Filling and Capping...

Mengibar provides as well the complete Filling and Capping + Automated sorting solution in one base, reducing the total foot-print of the line. minimizing change overs and controlling all the operations from a single H.M.I.

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